The Book

The Rear-View Mirror

The Journey, A Taxi Driver And A Book

Travel through the twisting, grinding and bumpy road of life demands frequent introspection and self interrogation. Pausing, reflecting, revisiting the route, examining the effect of your words and actions and doing a course correction is essential if you wish to craft a remarkable legacy worth emulating.

Philip Young was very proud of his background but was haunted by the fear of failure. His frantic clutch at security and his desperate longing for the comfort zone is remindful of our own certain tight spots in life.

What happened during that day’s travel and immediately thereafter that prompted a mysterious change in Philip which forty odd years couldn’t? What was the treasure buried between the ears of a taxi driver and the wealth that lay in the pages of a book?

Experience the saga of the journey Philip Young was so sceptical about, the company of a taxi driver that was barely exciting to start with, and a book he carried merely to see him through the idle hours of the journey.

A Note on The Book

The Rear-View Mirror is self-help in fiction meant for all ages due to its simple plot, vivid descriptions and plenty of lessons in leadership and personal excellence for children and adults alike. It’s a meaningful book that demolishes the claim that a degree or a grand title on the business card is a measure of a person’s stature and character.

Libraries of several schools have stocked the book in good number. The book has caught the fancy of school students largely because of its crafty English and because it has several takeaways of value that are much needed in the environment we live in today. It has received excellent feedback from readers who have found it irresistible once they started to read. Many readers including a former principal of Loyola, Fr Eric Cassel, have testified it as an unputdownable book and has highly recommended it for value education in schools.

The book is a unique content of transformation that entertains and inspires, thrills and elevates, stirs and moves one into action. In particular what makes the book exciting is its dealings with events we see most often around us.

Unsparing in its bold interpretations and with an accent on the indispensable need for introspection it connects well with the readers. It is highly recommended for school, college and corporate libraries.

The book is available in online retail stores,,, and, as well as in the Starmark chain of bookstores in Kolkata. It has received high acclaim from readers and the same can be accessed at the above mentioned sites as also on

It’s made its mark on the bestseller shelf in the Starmark chain of bookstores in Kolkata.

A Hindi translation of the book is expected soon.